About the current Covid-19 situation

800a Berlin cocktail bar parties

Dear friends, dear followers, dear artists, dear audience, dear organizers, following the growing concerns about the virus spreading, we’ve decided to pause our activities with immediate effect. We simply can’t put ourselves and our public at risk: since we are super sexy, it would be just impossible to keep a 1m distance from each other, as all of you know very well.

All upcoming shows are cancelled and we are going to be closed until further notice. We’ll be in touch right away should things change for the better, as we all hope.Keeping this place running has always been quite difficult, and we have tricky times ahead of us: to tell you the truth, we won’t be able to sustain this situation for long if we have to stay closed. If you wish to support us, you can make a donation to us via PayPal:
For every 5€ you’ll donate, you will be also “pre-buying” a Gin & Tonic that we’ll serve to all of you faithful supporters at our End-of-The-Plague Party, that will be scheduled as soon as the circumstances allow.
Stay safe and stay healthy!
For any info regarding our upcoming plans, feel free to get in touch with us at 800aberlin@gmail.com
Thank you
& crew

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