About the current Covid-19 situation

800a Berlin cocktail bar parties

Dear friends, dear followers, dear artists, dear audience, dear organizers, following the growing concerns about the virus spreading, we’ve decided to pause our activities with immediate effect. We simply can’t put ourselves and our public at risk: since we are super sexy, it would be just impossible to keep a 1m distance from each other, as all of you know very well.

All upcoming shows are cancelled and we are going to be closed until further notice. We’ll be in touch right away should things change for the better, as we all hope.Keeping this place running has always been quite difficult, and we have tricky times ahead of us: to tell you the truth, we won’t be able to sustain this situation for long if we have to stay closed. If you wish to support us, you can make a donation to us via PayPal:
For every 5€ you’ll donate, you will be also “pre-buying” a Gin & Tonic that we’ll serve to all of you faithful supporters at our End-of-The-Plague Party, that will be scheduled as soon as the circumstances allow.
Stay safe and stay healthy!
For any info regarding our upcoming plans, feel free to get in touch with us at 800aberlin@gmail.com
Thank you
& crew

Our recurring events! Overview!

open mic comedy Berlin Wedding 800A
Dead End Comedy open mic every Sunday

Yo yo yo! How is it going? Here’s an overview of our recurring weekly to monthly events. As usual, check our Facebook page for detailed info! Some of these require registration or signup. Watch out! All in English except where indicated otherwise. Here we go:

Quizzically Challenged
PUB QUIZ in English – Reservation only! Book a Table in the FB event
Every 1st Thursday of the month, 8 pm

Comedyshorts Berlin
Berlin’s most established and funniest improvised comedy show. Reserve a ticket or buy at the door.
Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, 8.30 pm

Drunk Classics Berlin
Improvised comedy on famous classical theatre pieces, fueled by alcohol and audience participation. Reserve a ticket or buy at the door.
Every 2nd Saturday of the month, 8 pm

Dead End Comedy open Mic
Open Mic for new and established stand-up comedians. Signup in the FB event with the organizers.
Every Sunday at 7pm

Short & Sweet – Wednesday Improv Jam
Short-form improv jam – Signup on the day!
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 8 pm

Also check out our complete program for more burlesque, music, theatre plays and many more surprises.


Cadbury's Selection Box burlesque
Cadbury’s Selection Box Burlesque show at 800A

Thanks a lot for showing up at our  events! We’re very happy to see you here live ever week! Please keep spreading the word about us (and our cocktails :D). That’s how we can keep doing what we’re doing!

Highlights of this month:

Queer Science Theatre #2: Second Show Anniversary Spectacular Friday, March 22

One of the best drag shows in town!
FB event: HERE

The Wandering Barman   Saturday, March 9

A comedy show that combines jokes and cocktail making. With audience interaction and tasters and a cocktail inclusive in the ticket for the show!
FB event: HERE

Well, That Was Weird -Alternative Comedy Club St Patrick’s BASH!

Berlin n.1 Alternative Comedy stage in its St. Patrick’s Day version! Free beer at the door is the recipe for a night to (not??) remember!

FB event: HERE

Check all our events on THIS PAGE. Follow us on Facebook!!!

See you all soon.

Culture Festival 2Tage Wedding 2018: 800A as official Location!

2tage wedding festival 800a location
800A: official location for 2Tage Wedding
Once again this year we’ll be one of the official locations for the festival 2 Tage Wedding. Check out the website HERE.
Artists who would like to be part of 800A program for the festival on September 8-9, 2018 please drop us a line asap! The festival is a great opportunity to make your work visible. You’ll get media coverage, ads in German press you couldn’t reach otherwise and more importantly you’ll get a full room of people interested in your art/show/performance. This year in 800A we’re specifically looking for:
1 artist/painter/photographer to put up an exhibition at our venue during the festival. She/He will be our official featured artist for this year.
1 or 2 short theatre performances to be shown at about 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.
1 quality music act for Saturday September 8 evening (it gets really packed usually)
– A final quality performance/act/reading for Sunday night at 8pm, this usually gets a good crowd too.

To apply, drop us an email with some info at 800aberlin@gmail.com with subject 2Tage Wedding UNTIL MAY 8, 2018!

PS: Since we’re also helping out with the organisation of the festival, if you want to apply as location or artist you can pop by during our opening hours and do the registration process at our venue. More info on 800aberlin.wordpress.com

February ’18 program

800A First Thursday Showcase
First Thursday Showcase in 800A Berlin

Hey all,

In this post you can find the program of our activities in February. Highlights: Comedysportz Berlin – improvised comedy show in English, a new Spoken Word event + dinner night called Stories, Songs & Supper we’re organizing together with Irish musician Kilkelly, an Oriental Dance night featuring Japanese performers Shula and Sazazuka, plus as usual tons of other shows, dance classes, our First Thursday Showcase concert and many other acts. See you all at 800A!!!

Here’s the link:

800A February18 -expired

800A: December news

Sushi Xmas dinner 800A
Party in 800A 2017

One year is about to finish, and it’s time to sum up our first 9 months or so of activities. We’re currently hosting an average of 4 events a week, which means we have already hosted (roughly) 140+ events since our opening in March 2017. For 2018, we want to bring up some changes to our program. Mainly, we will privilege our recurring events that have become so successful over the past few months. So, in 2018 you can expect the following from us:

  • We’re going to host more comedy shows on weekends. They bring in a really great atmosphere thanks to the work of the great communities of Ciao! Express and Comedysportz Berlin
  • We’re going to host even more Japan related events (Meet Japan, Sushi night once a month and so on)
  • We’re going to launch an original series of workshops about cocktail making and cocktail tasting! Events in German and English will be held on different nights
  • We’re going to keep going with our First Thursday musicians’ Showcase by DA Musical, making it also as an open mic for first timers who want to play at our venue
  • Surprise!!!!! We’re working on a simple and incredibly tasty format to bring together food and comedy and we’ll kick it off in early ’18… More “official” info coming soon!

    In Dec we’ll be operational till Dec 22 and then from the 30th on. Come over!!

    Happy Holidays!



800A: November 17 program

800A travel japan
Travel Japan event in 800A Berlin 2017

Hey hey! Here’s our program of events and things and fun and entertainment for November 2017!

Highlights among others:
Comedysportz Berlin comes to 800A!!

Ciao Express English stand-up comedy show once again!

First Thursday musicians’ showcase by Damusical!

And a lot more (salsa, theatre, more comedy etc.):

Program 800A Berlin November -expired

Day-to-day calendar visible HERE

See you soon at ours in 800A!



Korea meets Japan festival on September 16!

korea meetsjapan in berlin
Sep 16: Korea meets Japan @800A

After the great success of the Japanese festival we held in July this year, we’re going to host the festival Korea meets Japan on Saturday, September 16!

Korea meets Japan will bring the best of Korea and Japan to Berlin, celebrating K-pop music, featuring traditional and contemporary exhibitors and performances from Korea and Japan, Asian food and drinks, and unique shopping opportunities.

See you there!
PS: Come early. Entrance guaranteed to max 100 people!

July-August 17: what we did, what we are up to

Many things happened in July and many more are coming up in the near future!!

We started July with a great festival that marked a new way for us. The Japanese Tanabata festival featuring 20+ performers and 100+ guests in (and outside) our bar regardless of the rain. As our international and Asia-friendly community keeps expanding, next step will be Korea meets Japan festival, on Saturday September 16. Start queuing NOW to get a seat 😀 !

Late-night violin concert Megumi Fukui JPN - 800A Berlin
Japanese festival Tanabata in 800A: shows!

We had the pleasure of starting our wonderful concept Summer Folk, a collective showcase of well-known Berlin-based folk musicians that will follow the natural order of seasons for an entire year…It was a huge success! Next step Autumn Folk, on September 30. Save the date!!

Summer Folk showcase in 800A

Australian songwriter Michael Brinkworth had a great extra-long EP release show at our venue just a few days ago. It was a magical moment of music and poetry provided by a great performer whose work keeps the tradition of folk music alive, following the steps of Reed, Dylan, Waits and the other greats. If you missed it, you might have the chance to hear him live again next winter in 800A.

Michael Brinkworth live at 800A
Australian singer Michael Brinkworth live


Our monthly English stand-up comedy showcase in mediterranean flavour Ciao! Express is coming up on August 12!!! LOOK IT UP!

Independent theatre play Wine from Greenland by Alejandro J. Niklison will be on August 26 at 800A.

…Plus many more live acts, performances etc. Check out the program here or find it on our tables at the venue!

Summer Night Tanabata, Japanese Festival on July 7 2017 @800A

Summer Night Tanabata 2017
Summer Night Tanabata 2017

We’re proud to host the next edition of the TANABATA Japanese Festival, happening next week on July 7, 2017 here in 800A Berlin.

20:00 : Guitar, SARO
20:20 : Shakuhachi, Aiko Kawase
20:40 : Salsa&Bachata Beginners performance
20:50 : Dance, Kazune Shimizu
21:00 : Belly dance, Shula, Cozmik Onion Express 0.14
21:40 : Drag Queen Parisienne Sasazuka
22:00 : Man of the House, CANNES FILM FESTIVAL Short Film Corner 2012, Director Yosuke Hosoi
22:30 : Violin Performance, Megumi Fukui
23:00 : DJ time, DJ poootaro
Art Exhibition (all day long):
– Dreikäsehoch – solo exhibition by Atsuno Riccio (Berlin-based comic illustrator)
– Comic book “ALLIGATOR” officially launching their first issue

What is Tanabata?

Write your wish at our reception table, and hang them on bamboo trees. make the dream come true in Tanabata night.
Tanabata (meaning “Evening of the seventh”), also known as the Star Festival, is a Japanese festival originating from the Chinese Qixi Festival. It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively). According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar.