Private events and parties in 800A

800A bar and stage in Berlin Wedding

Compatibly with our schedule, we’re offering the possibility of organizing private events, both night events -birthday parties, private parties, celebrations and so on- as well as during the day -auditions, workshops, meetings-. Our versatile space can be customized and arranged in multiple ways, as you can see from the pics below.

For most events, our bar will be in operation to serve you the best drinks during the night. Party-related drinks & specials can also be arranged, just drop us a line. We’re also in contact with several caterers, so we can occasionally arrange food (mainly buffet) for your party.

Please drop us a line for info about dates, rates and all the specifics you might need. Friends & friends of friends get better rates :)!! Please notice that weekend dates can only be considered for big events.

Write us here: