800A: Show your work! Art and exhibitions

At 800A Berlin we’re always looking for painters, artists and photographers willing to show their work and put up a personal exhibition. Whether as a single artist or as a collective, you will get access to the exhibiting spaces of our room, normally  for a period of 1 to 1,5 months. Your showcased work will be visible to hundreds of people coming to our bar and to our shows. If you are interested in doing it, the possibility of selling your artwork or related goods (i.e. print, pictures and so on) can also be arranged.

Furthermore, we will host a vernissage at the very beginning of your exhibition so you can present your work to the public, as well as a finissage  at the end of the exhibition. You will decide on the level of formality of these events (i.e. presentation / party / music event / dinner etc.). We will put our bar and our expertise at your disposal.

We’re currently looking for exhibitors starting from August/September 2018.

Drop us a line and we’ll let you know about next openings in our exhibitions’ calendar. Talk to you soon!