Culture Festival 2Tage Wedding 2018: 800A as official Location!

2tage wedding festival 800a location
800A: official location for 2Tage Wedding
Once again this year we’ll be one of the official locations for the festival 2 Tage Wedding. Check out the website HERE.
Artists who would like to be part of 800A program for the festival on September 8-9, 2018 please drop us a line asap! The festival is a great opportunity to make your work visible. You’ll get media coverage, ads in German press you couldn’t reach otherwise and more importantly you’ll get a full room of people interested in your art/show/performance. This year in 800A we’re specifically looking for:
1 artist/painter/photographer to put up an exhibition at our venue during the festival. She/He will be our official featured artist for this year.
1 or 2 short theatre performances to be shown at about 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.
1 quality music act for Saturday September 8 evening (it gets really packed usually)
– A final quality performance/act/reading for Sunday night at 8pm, this usually gets a good crowd too.

To apply, drop us an email with some info at with subject 2Tage Wedding UNTIL MAY 8, 2018!

PS: Since we’re also helping out with the organisation of the festival, if you want to apply as location or artist you can pop by during our opening hours and do the registration process at our venue. More info on

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