800A: December news

Sushi Xmas dinner 800A
Party in 800A 2017

One year is about to finish, and it’s time to sum up our first 9 months or so of activities. We’re currently hosting an average of 4 events a week, which means we have already hosted (roughly) 140+ events since our opening in March 2017. For 2018, we want to bring up some changes to our program. Mainly, we will privilege our recurring events that have become so successful over the past few months. So, in 2018 you can expect the following from us:

  • We’re going to host more comedy shows on weekends. They bring in a really great atmosphere thanks to the work of the great communities of Ciao! Express and Comedysportz Berlin
  • We’re going to host even more Japan related events (Meet Japan, Sushi night once a month and so on)
  • We’re going to launch an original series of workshops about cocktail making and cocktail tasting! Events in German and English will be held on different nights
  • We’re going to keep going with our First Thursday musicians’ Showcase by DA Musical, making it also as an open mic for first timers who want to play at our venue
  • Surprise!!!!! We’re working on a simple and incredibly tasty format to bring together food and comedy and we’ll kick it off in early ’18… More “official” info coming soon!

    In Dec we’ll be operational till Dec 22 and then from the 30th on. Come over!!

    Happy Holidays!



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