July-August 17: what we did, what we are up to

Many things happened in July and many more are coming up in the near future!!

We started July with a great festival that marked a new way for us. The Japanese Tanabata festival featuring 20+ performers and 100+ guests in (and outside) our bar regardless of the rain. As our international and Asia-friendly community keeps expanding, next step will be Korea meets Japan festival, on Saturday September 16. Start queuing NOW to get a seat 😀 !

Late-night violin concert Megumi Fukui JPN - 800A Berlin
Japanese festival Tanabata in 800A: shows!

We had the pleasure of starting our wonderful concept Summer Folk, a collective showcase of well-known Berlin-based folk musicians that will follow the natural order of seasons for an entire year…It was a huge success! Next step Autumn Folk, on September 30. Save the date!!

Summer Folk showcase in 800A

Australian songwriter Michael Brinkworth had a great extra-long EP release show at our venue just a few days ago. It was a magical moment of music and poetry provided by a great performer whose work keeps the tradition of folk music alive, following the steps of Reed, Dylan, Waits and the other greats. If you missed it, you might have the chance to hear him live again next winter in 800A.

Michael Brinkworth live at 800A
Australian singer Michael Brinkworth live


Our monthly English stand-up comedy showcase in mediterranean flavour Ciao! Express is coming up on August 12!!! LOOK IT UP!

Independent theatre play Wine from Greenland by Alejandro J. Niklison will be on August 26 at 800A.

…Plus many more live acts, performances etc. Check out the program here or find it on our tables at the venue!

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