Next theatre show at 800A: “Stories from Spoon River”, June 17, 2017

Stories from Spoon River
“Stories from Spoon River” Theatre show

The students of our “Scripts” Workshop weave together monologues and scenes based on the poems from Edgar Lee Master’s seminal “Spoon River Anthology to show you what life in Spoon River was all about. Get ready to dive with us into the dark and intense atmosphere of Spoon River!

Welcome to Spoon River, a small village tucked away in the wilds of a forgotten America, where restless souls struggle to make sense of their lives and histories. Come meet the citizens of our town, and listen to them tell the tales of of their loves, heartbreaks, joys, illnesses, inspirations, and degradation.

“Stories from Spoon River” will be directed by Alessandro Casadio and Josef Mehling and played on stage by the students of our advanced Scripts course: Elise Jost, Sam Crofts, Alberto Tarantino, Aly Hassan, Jennifer Kremer, Monika Dimitrova, Elena Samarsky.

The show will start at 8pm in 800A on Saturday, June 17 2017.

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