Monthly stand-up comedy showcase at 800A: Ciao! Express

Ciao! Express 1 stand-up comedy showcase
Australian comedian Imaan Hadchiti in action at 800A

Every month on a Saturday some of the best stand-up comedians of Berlin gather to 800A to create Ciao! Express, a night of English stand-up comedy “in mediterranean flavor”
Produced and hosted by Filippo Spreafico
Featuring local and international comedians. This was the lineup of our first showcase:

Imaan / Imaan Hadchiti (AUS)
Carmen Chraim / Carmen Chraim (LEB)
Marne / MJ Litfaßäule (USA)
Rohit Bhatia / Rohit Bhatia Comedy (IND)
Stefan Danziger / Stefan Danziger Comedy (DEU)

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